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Why choose us ?

Our experience

The French Institute of Qatar organizesstandard Arabic courses based on the Ahdâf method of the Arab World Institute.

We have a team of professional and certified teachers who undergo regular training in the latest methodologies and practices used in the field of Arabic teaching.

Our courses givepriority to oral comprehension and production,emphasizing the phonetic aspect. You will very quicklybe led to discover the alphabet and learn to recognize words.Subsequently, written comprehension, oral reading, written production and grammar will complete language learning.

For adults and young

Adults and young French speakers can participate!

The Arabic taughtis standard Arabic, used and understood in the contemporary Arab world: it is the language of the media, television channels, the Internet and social networks…

Our flexibility

Depending on your availability and preferences, we can adjust the location and times of your lessons!

Our competitive rates

Our rates are the most competitive on the market, and when you are an IFQ learner you get discounts on all our offers!